Plane of the Ecliptic

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The first day you and I caught the bus was the 8th July, 2011. A Friday.
You pointed out bikes, buses, the castle and the animal wall
You looked out of the window just like I looked at you.

When we got off the bus, you laughed, with your eyes closed
amused how the bus continued once we had left it
and you reminded me of little happy gods from unfamiliar religions

I pressed your face against mine, held you to me

As we crossed the road; stones, the trees, the breeze.
I asked ‘Are you ok, boy?’, and received a silent concern;
Your tiny grasp tightened around my neck a little as cars approached.

In my flat, you saw the moon out of the bay window in the afternoon sky
And held up each one of your bears and friends to show them
‘Moon’, your happy face told them.

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